Saturday, July 12, 2014

Life's a Bitch.

Always constantly thinking of new stuff to create. But it doesn't work out 90% of the time (like my life). Those that work out are the random-est shit ever...
Switching career, trying to do what I want to do. When will I ever be able to achieve them all? Oh yea, not forgetting, trying to stay happy.
Trying to find happiness in the littlest shit ever just so that I can be happy (so now does this mean that I am living in self-denial?).
As much as I want the people around me to understand me, I tell myself it's ok, they don't have to. The lives that we wish to lead are different.
We'll still be friends either way. (This makes sense right?)

And where are my eyebrows? Have never been able to draw them properly...


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