Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Just some random thoughts on the past year.

A new world was opened up to me - met new people, gained new life experiences. Though it wasn't smooth sailing, I won't say I regretted my choices (can't change a shit even if I regretted anways. So just move on.). Think on the positive side that it was a good learning experience. I managed to pick up a little bit of Japanese and passed JLPT N4 (with a stroke of luck)!! But I've still got tons to learn. Oh the Kanji, grammar and Katagana... As for Korean, Hangul is alot easier to memorise and read. But, my problem is grammar and vocabulary. So I'm a master of none...

The Korea/Japan trip was the best part of the year. Though not entirely satisfying, it was the best that could have ever happened (anything beats staying at home). Can't wait to get back there again.

The lack of determination and resources brought about quite a few failed attempts on the shop. I've managed to clear most of the stuff at the flea, but at horrendously low prices, which means my money practically went down the drain... The shop shall take a break for now. It'll be for clearing my wardrobe and one-off pieces that I think is cool. 
Thank you to those who had bought from the shop. The last few pieces are still available from $5 to $10. Grab them before they're gone!

Last but not least, I sincerely thank the buddies for always being so patient with me.


22 years old and I've not achieved what I want.
2014 shall be a better year. April 2014 is when the new world will begin.
May the forces be with me.

- Claire

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