Monday, June 3, 2013

This is the first time that I've got an undelivered package (well second, because the same package got undelivered twice)!

For the first attempt to deliver, I wrote everything correctly, and unfortunately, the Post Office was unable to determine the cause of undelivery (pfft).

Now, I just realised I wrote the unit number on my delivery receipt wrongly. But this does not mean that I wrote the address on the package wrongly! Because, when I checked the tracking status, it clearly stated  that the delivery was unsuccessful and the delivery advice was issued. The next item status was only 13 days later! Which could mean that the buyer did not collect the package that's why it got redelivered back to me!
The Post Office will only hold your item for 10 working days.

If it is really because the person did not collect her package within 10 days, then I'm not going to redeliver it again! It's just going to be a waste of my money and time...

Why won't you collect it within 10 working days??? You paid for the item, so you would want to collect it right???

I guess I'll only know the answer when I visit the Post Office... which is on hopefully on Wednesday...


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