Sunday, August 1, 2010

Baking cookies (esp. cut-out ones) is tiring...

The weather's all nice and cool after a night of rain.
Amazing weather.
Wish it would be like this everyday.

Mum's away at Cameron Highlands.
So I took the chance to bake...
Something different.
Was really worried that the dough wouldn't turn out right because, it was soooooo squishy and more creamy than dough-like??
I think my butter was toooo melted before that.
Put it in the fridge for the night hoping it would harden up, and feel more like a dough.
But it turned out toooo hard.
Let it rest out on the table for 15min and started 'saving' the dough.
Added more flour till it felt like it.
Still didn't feel very much like it.
And I couldn't add too much or the cookies would be horribly dry...
Tried baking the first batch.
Turned out well.
Looked quite plain, and the smell of almond was quite strong.
Finished baking all the cookies.
Got a freaking backache and very dry hands due to the dishwashing liquid.
Been washing my hands with dishwashing liquid because, the dough was freaking oily.

Cookies cooling on the rack...

Anyways, got too tired.
Didn't do the frosting for it.
Super duper tired.
Plus hungry.
The bowl of instant noodles didn't fill my tummy up...
And now, I think I shall go take a bathe n sleep....

Shall wake up to watch Hana Kimi Japanese Version later.
Am currently on Episode 9.

Oh yea, baking again this coming weekend.
This time round, with the help of Jaslyn.
Totally need help doing the cookies.
Chocolate chip and maybe this cut-out ones.
If the cut-out ones taste horrible, then it'll only be the chocolate chip ones...
Gotta bake something good for the colleagues..

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