Wednesday, May 26, 2010




And there's a damn disgustingly big (I think PREGNANT) lizard in my room, behind my shelf.
I'm being nice ok.
I just sprayed tons of Baygon to chase it out of the window instead of splashing boiling hot water on it and flushing it down the toilet bowl.
Yes, I'm being uber nice to it, considering the fact that I've killed countless of its kind over the past years and it's too much hassle to clean up the mess, plus I've got too many chargers plugged into the multi plug lying on the floor...
Wtf is wrong with them man.
My room is freaking clean, and they still come.
Maybe I've got too many shelves.
But where else do I keep all of my stuff??
Oh, and it's time to submit our timesheet on Monday.
Time better fly during office hours, and slow down when it's time for me to have fun and do the stuff I want.
I'm ranting once again.
Finally gonna meet Siying tmr.
Oh, and, coming home to good music videos/live is what I look forward to everyday and it's basically what keeps me alive for the time being...

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